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About Us

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About Us

We are a local business dedicated to offering the highest calibre repair services to landlords, property managers, private home owners, and owners of commercial buildings throughout Singapore and its surrounding areas. We take great pride in saying that our customer service has always been top-notch. Additionally, for many years, we have consistently offered dependable repair services at reasonable prices.

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Appliance Repair Specialists

Our business as well as its experienced staff are entirely trained, licensed and knowledgeable with all big brands and product models, and undergo regular improvements on legislative requirements, repair technologies and improvements in household and industrial appliances. They’re pleasant and approachable and very understanding of the predicament you are in once a very important appliance has broken down at your house.

How We Work

Call us as soon as you recognise your refrigerator needs repair. In order to reduce your bother, we are committed to provide fridge repair services at your place. As soon as you successfully booked our services, our completely qualified fridge repair professionals will leave.

We have the expertise to repair refrigerators from all major brands thanks to our unrivalled experience in the field. Our fridge repair experts are available for consultation if your refrigerator is one of the more modern types. However, rest assured that every refrigerator repair service is intended to enhance your quality of life at home or at work.

Technical competency is one of the most frequently raised issues with refrigerator repair firms. Since a refrigerator is a necessity, you should hire a professional who can fix it quickly.

We begin by inspecting your refrigerator for frequent issues including overheating, puddles of pooled water underneath, and unintended frost in the non-freezer compartment. The refrigerator is the item that is used the most in your home, thus it will inevitably get worse over time. As trained refrigerator repair specialists, we think it’s critical to perform preventative maintenance.

We offer Quality Assurance for our refrigerator repair service to make sure you are receiving the finest value available. A qualified fridge repair expert will visit your home once you phone us to assess your fridge. Call us during the warranty term if, in the odd event that our refrigerator does not fix the issue. We will then perform additional refrigerator repair at no additional cost to you.

We are aware of the inconvenience a malfunctioning refrigerator would cause. For this reason, we have a team of committed refrigerator repair service engineers who are ready and waiting to expertly fix any refrigerator. All of our service technicians are qualified and knowledgeable about various refrigerator brands and models.

One of the most typical appliance repairs in Singapore is fridge repair. One of the few appliances in your home that is constantly in use is the refrigerator. So it is understandable if the item in your home that works the hardest suddenly breaks down. Every home benefits from owning a refrigerator, but every family also experiences the hardship of having one break down. After such a scorching day in Singapore, there won’t be any ice or chilled water to drink, and more crucially, all the perishable raw and cooked food will spoil.

Scope of Work

If the appliance is still protected by the manufacturer’s warranty, we encourage you to get in touch with the company service centre. However, once the guarantee has expired, contacting the company for servicing will undoubtedly burn a hole in your wallet due to their astronomically increased fees. We can confidently state that, for the same repair, our service prices are at least 30% less expensive than those charged by authorised service centres without sacrificing the repair’s quality. Only genuine parts that have been approved by the manufacturer are used by us.

Depending on the symptoms of your refrigerator, our staff of qualified specialists will offer top-notch refrigerator repair services designed to address all of your refrigerator issues.

Some of the various refrigerator repair and maintenance services we offer include:

  • Repair and maintenance of fridge
  • Repair and replacement of Motor and Parts
  • Repairing of switches, thermostats, heaters, condensers & fans


We look after several commercial appliances from a variety of brands, including Westinghouse, Whirlpool, Maytag, Samsung, and Bosch. With a fleet of mobile vans to meet your maintenance needs, we are completely mobile and ready to help you right away. If using an online booking centre is more convenient for you, we also have one.

We are prompt and dependable as our customers are never kept waiting. Your problem will be assessed when you contact, and our qualified personnel will be at your location as soon as possible. After a comprehensive inspection to identify the problem with the defective appliance, a cost estimate for the necessary repairs will be provided.

Once you’ve agreed to the costs, our pros will start working. If the problem is minor, the repair will happen the same day you called if you made the call. On the other hand, if the problem is more serious, our experts will need to return to your home with the necessary parts. We also offer warranties for the household appliances that our personnel repairs.

Call us if you need a household appliance repaired and you live in Singapore since we prioritise customer satisfaction.

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